Yes, you have to book in advance if you want to be sure about your GoTrabiGo Budapest Trabant Tour.

Yes, you can change your booking, but NOT on the same date of your GoTrabiGo Budapest Trabant Tour. For the change in booking we charge 15.00 Euro.

Everybody who holds a valid drive licence and is at least 18 years old. We recommend having driving experience for a confidently driving in a big city. Driving a Trabi is not very difficult but it is a little challenge.

The national drive licence of your country is fine. Please note it has to be a drive licence for cars with manual transmission! Our Trabis do not have automatic gearbox.

Children are welcome. They have to sit together with their adult accompanying person in a Trabi. We do not provide required child seats. You have to bring the child seat. The child seat will be fixed on the passenger seat because there aren’t seatbelts in the back seat. 

Yes, your Trabi is just for you. There won’t be other guests in the Trabi you booked. You drive in a convoy guided by our leader car with the tour guide. There are more participants in other Trabis in the convoy.

Of course before we start all our guests sitting behind the wheel get a technical instruction how to drive a Trabi. Before we leave you sign a declaration of consent. There you confirm that you accept all rules and conditions for the GoTrabiGo Budapest.

On our tour we normally stop 1 or 2 times that the drivers can change. Just inform us before we start the Guided GoTrabiGo Budapest Tour.

No. A cancellation is possible until 72 hours before you booked GoTrabiGo Budapest Tour – BUT in any case you have to pay a CANCELLATION FEE about 8% of the total price. After 72 hours before the fixed date we charge the full price.

You can pay by credit card (Visa, Master and Amex). In our offices you can pay only by card through the internet registration card.

Only the deposit can pay by cash.

The Trabant has a 4-gear manual change. The gearshift is below the steering wheel and the gears are shifted by pulling and pushing the gearshift. That sounds complicated and is special but after our short technical instruction you will be familiar with your Trabi in just a few minutes and ready for take-off. Go Trabi Go!