Our Fleet

We are proud to say: We have the largest Trabant fleet in Hungary. With more than 40 cars in our estate we are also unique in Europe. In Budapest, our guests will only meet a part of the fleet (10 Trabants).

In 1957, the Trabant started out as East Germany’s answer to the  VW Käfer as the people’s affordable car. It was a simple design that could easily be maintained and repaired by its owner using a few basic tools.
It was in a Trabant that thousands of East Germans drove over the border when the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. This made the Trabant a kind of automotive liberator and one of the most recognizable symbols of the failed former East Germany and the fall of communism. Now you can try this small, noisy and odorous car, and the feeling of a kind of liberty.
Car features: The engine for 601 is a small two-stroke engine with two cylinders, giving the vehicle modest performance. The combination of the vehicle’s very light curb weight (~600 kg) and the engine’s ability to go quickly to high revs made its acceleration between 30–50 km/h quite formidable. Trabant 601 S (Sonderwunsch – Special Edition) with optional equipment like fog lamps, rear white light and an odometer (as Limousine & Universal).