Terms and conditions

1. Rental price and payment

The rental price is taken from the valid price list.
Bank card payment with Barion. Online bank card payments are executed via the Barion system. The merchant does not get and store bank card data. Barion Payment Inc., the provider of this service, is an institution under the authority of the Central Bank of Hungary, its license number is: H-EN-I-1064/2013.

2. Reservation, takeover

The reservation is only valid upon written confirmation by Go Trabi Go Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the organizer). It does not apply to certain vehicles. When taking over the vehicle and when returning it, the agreed times fixed in the booking confirmation must be adhered to. If the start of the event or the takeover of the vehicle is delayed due to the fault of the renter, the renter is not entitled to use the vehicles beyond the agreed time. A proportionate reimbursement of costs is also excluded. When handing over the vehicle to the customer / passenger, the driver is obliged to fill in and sign a declaration of consent.

3. Authorized drivers, general use

The vehicle may only be used by customers or by its customer – as soon as the customer acts as a mediator. A commercial subletting is prohibited. The prerequisite for the steering of a vehicle is always a valid driving license, as well as an unrestricted driving ability. In case of violation, the organizer has an immediate right of withdrawal. The driver is strictly forbidden to control the vehicle under the influence of alcohol – even in very small quantities. In the event of a breach, the organizer or his vicarious agents are entitled to terminate the event immediately. The costs agreed in the booking confirmation are nevertheless to be reimbursed to the organizer in full. The vehicle must be secured with utmost care against theft and damage. The customer / renter is obligated to strictly comply with the statutory provisions when using the rented vehicle.

4. Wear, repair damage

Wear damage is always at the expense of the organizer if it is not due to improper handling. The customer / renter undertakes to treat the vehicle with care and to return it in a clean condition and undamaged. Otherwise, the costs incurred will be charged. If damage is detected on the way, the organizer must be informed immediately by telephone. The organizer then determines for himself which measures will be taken. The customer / tenant is not entitled to take or commission any fee-based measures without the organizer’s consent. The organizer otherwise has the right to refuse the reimbursement.

5. Behavior in case of accidents

In the event of traffic accidents, the customer / renter must notify the police AND the organizer. On the spot the arrival of the police is to wait and to clarify the possible determination of the question of guilt. Enemy claims may not be recognized. Any acknowledgment of guilt is not to be given. Even for minor damages, a detailed report must be submitted to the organizer, with a sketch. In particular, the accident report must contain the names and addresses of the persons involved, vehicles, registration numbers and possibly witnesses. If the vehicle is no longer safe, the lessor must be informed immediately, so that he can take appropriate measures.

6. Insurance cover

The vehicle is insured according to the insurance conditions.

7. Liability of the customer / tenant

The customer / tenant is liable for all accidental damage caused by him. However, even if a disclaimer has been agreed, the customer / tenant is liable for accidental damage without limit, provided that he caused the damage by intent or gross negligence, or the damage was caused by alcohol or drug-related driving inefficiency. The indemnification is also not given if the renter does not use the vehicle as intended, or passes it on to other, unauthorized persons or violates the regulations regarding the behavior regarding traffic accidents.